Tweeting “embarrassing” graphs

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The UK’s Brexit Department is facing online ridicule after Tweeting “embarrassing” graphs on trade and economic growth that suggest the benefits of staying in the EU.

The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) came under fire after it posted two images on the growing trade since the Second World War and on trade with emerging markets.

Far from promoting the case for life after Brexit, the graphics instead underlined how heavily dependent Britain is on trade links and deals with the 27 EU states, critics said… More at Huffpost Politics.

Social media is never a one-way street and you have to have some serious fact checking before you post anything as politically charged as this. Funny…

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  1. Sometimes I assume the USA would be better off without an incredibly polarizing virtually-two-party-by-fiat system. Then I hear crap about this has a chance of giving the illusion of more support for brexit (as TechnicallyRon photoshop/tweeted it, “May to Corbyn: ‘Labour Can Get In the Fucking Bin Mate'” (learning all kinds of new slang these days) ) and I worry about the asymmetry of it if one side stays cohesive and the other divides.

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