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Photographers can now earn royalties from their work by selling photo books straight from their iPhones. Booxie, an iOS app for creating custom photo books, today announced the launch of a royalties program for selling photobooks to followers.

From chefs to photographers, Booxie says the new royalty program allows visual artists to share their work in a 4.25 by 4.25-inch photo book while earning a percentage of each print sale. As an app designed to create custom graphics with both photos and text, users have a variety of options for crafting different types of books for sale… More at Digital Trends.

Always good to offer people the chance to make some money, but I suspect this kind of product will be a hard sell. People don’t like buying things…

Neil makes a good point on this- try finding the royalty rate for creators on the Booxie site. Cannot see it mentioned anywhere.

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  1. Not only do people not like paying for things, but ubiquitous cameras (and sometimes judicious filters) have made us all decent photographers, or at least we have our moments.

    That said I was talking with a coworker who was asking what I did in terms of archiving photos.
    I talked about curating to get “the dozen best shots of the year since 1996” ( ) and she’s already been doing similar sorting – and she’s ahead of me in terms of using services like shutterfly to get physical copies made. I admit wrangling with a layout program – that balance of making an aesthetically pleasing layout (and deciding if the goal is to get as many photos as un-obscuredly placed or something more artistic) as well as captions to provide some kind of context to potential future viewers, which is a big part of the point – it’s daunting. Just the scale of the file upload alone! Open for suggestions on that… I think the best solution for me would be a MacOS local app (for access to the photos) that could then upload the results to a service, but probably I’ll get stuck in some web-based tool. (also an iPad thing might work but I still face getting the photos onto it)

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