15 Idiotic Internet of Things Devices


Humans contain multitudes. We have a demonstrated ability to work hard, sweat and toil for our daily bread, and, as a society, achieve magnificent feats of science and technology. We’ve literally reached the stars!

However, we can also be incredibly lazy pieces of shit. We fight with our roommates over whose turn it is to get off the couch and find the remote, rage at Netflix for making us press a button to keep watching, and order Seamless instead of going outside. That’s where the Internet of Things comes in—ready to rescue us from the horrible task of using our atrophying muscles to close the blinds—by connecting everything to the information superhighway… More at Gizmodo.

It is quite amazing how so many companies will release products just because they can and not because they have a use that anyone actually wants.

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  1. Number 3, the smart hair brush, reminds me of the toothbrush I saw at the dentist’s office. It’s one thing to have a sensor that beeps if you’re brushing too hard, but why do I need a bluetooth connected toothbrush with an app? I know, to tell me whether I brush often enough and long enough and whatever. Same with a hair brush. By the time you’re old enough to understand what it does, your brushing technique has become automatic. How much do you think about brushing, hair or teeth, while you’re doing it. And I’d be afraid to use the i.Con for more reasons than I can list here. No snide remarks please 🙂

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