Mini Remastered

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Simple, stylish and self-confident. A classic icon in a modern package,
handcrafted just for you.

Our story is simple. Embrace the DNA of a design classic and skilfully and respectfully remaster it to meet the demands of modern day life.

Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive is a handcrafted masterpiece with all the style, technology and engineering excellence that encompasses our ethos, whilst retaining all the spirit and personality of the original… More at David Brown Automotive.

Expensive, but what a piece of work.

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  1. Nice! My father had a Mini as his around town car. He was a travelling salesman and had a large car to pull a trailer.

    In fact, now that I remember, I did my first learning to drive on it. But quite a sudden clutch. I probably gave people whip lash while learning.

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