Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set


Past that, it’s not uncommon for people to prefer to write with a pen when their work requires more thought, probably because the process is less immediate. For a creative or more intensely mental endeavor, I appreciate the slower process. For rapidity and versatility for sharing and editing, tech is obviously a better choice. Now, I’m just glad it’s not necessarily always one or the other.

And though I have been consciously writing with the intent of making the letters legible, the transcription feature has exceeded my expectations. People have trouble deciphering my handwriting on birthday cards, but I noticed only minimal mistakes with the Moleskine. But with digitization like this, you’ll probably always want to double check before sending it to be engraved anywhere, which isn’t all too different from the iPhone autocorrect… More at Business Insider.

Close, but no cigar for me. I really want a digital notepad that recreates the true writing experience on a paper-like screen. Transcription just doesn’t quite tick the boxes I need ticked.

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