Forget bezel-free displays…


True, there are sleek, high-design cases out there, as well as tempered glass display protectors, but in general, the better-looking the case, the less protected and/or more expensive it is.

Glass backs are another trademark of high end builds, in both smartphones and tablets. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, for example, add a glass back panel to an otherwise standard aluminum unibody build – which I broke within a few hours. The new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, which starts at US$600, is entirely glass on the back. This seems like a strange choice for any device that’s meant to be extremely portable and often held in one hand… More at New Atlas.

Some good points raised here. We seem to be rushing towards visually enticing new features and forgetting about battery life, practicality and toughness.

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  1. The other day I was thinking of how like the current generations of iPhones without cases is like sexy people running around in their underwear – looks great, but vulnerable. (In some of the previous generations, I was kind of with the crew that said WITH cases it looked like kids who needed protective helmets all the time– but then around the new look 4 or 5 I started getting a lot of chips and damage.) But that because of all the design wankish “as thin as possible forsaking all other concerns”, at least a phone can put on some clothes and still feel good in the hand and pocket.

    I keep wondering if there’s some expensive-but-possible solution that’s glass but REALLY strong? Is that what “Gorilla Glass” is? (And then I start to wonder if that creates any complications for force touch or fingerprint readers.

    I guess all the design competition stuff sells. Would love to see some designs exploring some other spaces but I guess it won’t be Apple. But seeing how the next generations set up a space for various cases should be interesting.

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