A driverless car crashed because of a driven car, but…


Police say a vehicle failed to yield to a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona on Friday and the two collided, according to reports. The Uber had a passenger and a person behind the wheel inside, according to police, and it rolled onto its side. There were no reported injuries in the crash… More at Jalopnik.

The above article is actually well covered because it makes clear that the driverless technology was not the problem here, even in the title, but I suspect that once the words ‘crash’ and ‘driverless’ are put together in the same paragraph, the majority think only one way.

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  1. In any case, does it matter if a driverless car crashes? As long as, on average, they crash less than cars with human drivers, or the crashes are less serious / cause fewer or less serious injuries, are they not still preferable? It strikes me that some expect driverless cars to be perfect when, to my mind, the appropriate standard is just “better”.

  2. Unfortunately, that’s not how most people think. Anything of that nature will be held to a higher standard.

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