The BlackBerry KEYone: It’s simply not for everyone


Recently, I have noticed a lot of negativity directed at BlackBerry as a company and their new KEYone. Some comment that it is not relevant. Other say it’s not needed or appealing because the specs are somewhat mediocre.

This is true. The specs are not the very latest and greatest. So the BlackBerry KEYone doesn’t rock the latest Qualcomm chip, nor does it have 6GB of RAM or even water-resistance. But does that make the phone irrelevant? I think not… More at Clove.

Excellent article from Jon.

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  1. Sadly this reminds me of the day that Palm released the “Palm Pro” (Windows mobile device). Wonder how much longer Blackberry will be about. At this rate it’ll be apple and palm only 🙁

  2. Oops that should read “apple and Samsung” of course.

  3. I like the way you can use the keyboard for scrolling and it looks comfortable to use. At the end of the day who know who this might appeal to? I never quite expected the BlackBerry to be a hit amongst teenagers at the time, but looking back it made sense, since it was great for texting. Maybe they’re overlooking a market they used to have besides the business sector.

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