Donald Trump Lies Because It Works


One of the more challenging aspects of living on the West Coast of Donald Trump’s America is that by the time you fumble for your phone and scroll sleepily through your Twitter timeline in the morning, there are already something like eight different horrifying news stories to read, each of which make you genuinely fear for the future of the country and/or wish you had died peacefully in your sleep. This morning’s menu of apocalyptic fodder was headlined by this absolutely bonkers Trump interview from TIME, which also published the raw transcript, presumably to allow every American to come to their own conclusions about whether their President is a human man or a sentient word salad… More at GQ.

I think he is a brilliant President and is just what the world needs. Did that work?

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  1. Depends. Are you a semi-conservative republican from a middle of the country state in the U.S.? No? Then it’s a bit over the top.

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