Twitter users know more about God than the Pope apparently

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The Pope has been critical of President Trump’s treatment of immigrants. But some American Catholics think the Pope needs to slow his roll. Yes, some Catholics are trying to explain to the Pope why God believes in the so-called “extreme vetting” of immigrants to the United States… More at Gizmodo.

Where to start on this subject? Probably best I just don’t comment for once…

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  1. Any form of extremism worries me. Too left or right.Too Apple or Android or Microsoft . Too Madrid or Barca (I’m currently living in Spain!) Anything “too” especially religion and drugs just ends up being trouble it seems.

  2. Moses broke the tablets and so didn’t get into the promised land. Besides, they needed a different sort of leadership, although that was never mentioned. And the Hebrews were conquerors, not immigrants. Of course in Hebrew school they told us it was their rightful land. Hmmm.

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