The Nokia 150

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The Nokia 150 feature phone is now exclusively available for purchase from UK high-street retailer Carphone Warehouse.

Those who want to buy a SIM-free model will have to pay only £34.99. It can also be purchased via pay-as-you-go deals with carrier networks including EE, O2, Virgin media and Vodafone. The plan includes an upfront payment of £24.99 and £10 top-up… More at IBT.

Not sure what the relevance of this phone is in 2017?

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  1. Ooh, snake AND FM Radio– keen!
    I remember how odd the nokia interface seemed to me when i first borrowed a phone from my german hosts during a visit (to be fair, cellphones were still a novelty to me) – and then, when my US company got BOUGHT by Nokia – how many quirks in the keypad they kept up because that’s what people were used to .

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