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  1. (Glad you can be back with us, at least a bit Shaun. Sometimes I’m really aware of the paucity of secular sentiments for saying how our thoughts are with you)

    So here’s the thing – I don’t know what the book gets into, but there’s nothing in the clip of John Hibbing that says “it’s biological”, nature vs nurture, “in the DNA” etc – all they’re saying is that these feelings aren’t only in the political realm, but doesn’t take the next step to show the correlated fear isn’t learned later.

    I’ll grab the book and try to get to it soon.

    I’m still fond of the “circle of empathy” view, how everyone draws a circle of “me/us” vs “them”, where the liberal impulse is to expand it so you have more people on your side, and the conservative impulse is to retract it so as to keep potential cheaters out.

    Also, much more detailed about explaining differences the world view of Dems vs Repubs (as they are in the USA) – https://jerclifton.com/2016/08/17/what-reality-are-trump-people-living-in/ – though again, doesn’t speculate on if the differences are genetic, just that there’s a lot going on with the two side who mutually think folks on the others are immoral idiots.

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