I’d stop tweeting about politics…


I’d stop tweeting about politics, but a) the world is fucked, and b) nothing much in tech world is exciting me lately. Mark Peters

It does seem that many tech sites are struggling to come to terms with what is important to publish at this time and it seems to be coming from a genuine place. It is hard to think about phones, accessories and the upcoming devices that may change our worlds when the world is changing for the worse right in front of our eyes.

Besides the stresses of family life and personal matters, what is happening now feels more important than anything that has happened in the political arena for many years and it does feel futile posting about less important things at times.

Admittedly, Lost In Mobile is far from a tech site these days, but I am curious if the happenings of Trump, Brexit etc are having the same effect on you?

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  1. We in Canada are next to the elephant. And the elephant is in a bad mood and not wanting to play equitably. I read more about U.S. politics than I used to. And I’ve referred to more 1984isms in the past two weeks than I have in the past 20 years. I have a bad feeling. Maybe I’ve read to many dystopian novels.

    As for Brexit, I’m not surprised that it passed, but the vote was far from uniform across the country. I’ve always felt that the U.K. was part of Europe but not part of Europe. But Brexit does not affect me very much. It’s not a political upheaval like Trump is.

  2. Everything he does just makes me cringe. Does slowly putting the world against you really mean putting America first?

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