AirPods 2.0


It is indeed true that within a couple of years AirPods, and similarly designed wireless earphones, will look normal. It is also possible that they will become so common that they are invisible to those in the vicinity of someone wearing them.

However, it is also true that they look silly at the moment and that they look silly period. Two stalks hanging down from your ears is not a good look and no matter how common it becomes, it is not a good look.

So what could Apple and the competition do to make them more aesthetically pleasing in the future?

Well, I have used my significantly poor Photoshop skills to come up with an idea.

Lose the stalks and offer a wirelessly connected third piece that works as the microphone. This third piece could be attached to clothing or worn as a necklace and would negate the need for directed microphones coming from your ears. It would not look silly and could potentially work much better, but I admit that it would mean charging a third item in the case. I would, however, take that over the current AirPods design even if it means a slight loss of practicality.

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2 replies

  1. As the technology shrinks, behind the ear wireless earphones, like hearing aids, should be possible. Or maybe they’re around now somewhere. They might need some sort of swing out microphone, or something attached to a lapel or collar.

  2. The little bits you cut off seem too easy to lose. Maybe they can just minaturise. Something they could probably already do, but you need to have something up your sleeve for vs 2 and 3!

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