Who really owns your phone?


Phones are no longer just a thing you use to call people or text them. The days of playing Snake because it’s the coolest thing your phone can do are long past. Today, they’re more like your computer that they are the Nokias and Motorolas of the past. Because they are computers, software licensing starts to matter more.

I’ve been thinking about this since the Note 7 started getting forced updates to disable the things that make people want to keep it. A company you didn’t actually buy your phone from reaching in with slinky OTA updates to take away things you paid for is a pretty bold thing to do. Granted, in Samsung’s opinion, they need to do everything they can do to get every Note 7 sent back for whatever recycling project they have set up. For them, this is 50% a safety issue and 50% a public relations let’s-get-people-to-forget-it-ever-existed issue. But for you, it’s someone else taking things away.. More at Android Central.

Good question and one without an answer at this time, sadly.

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