Why are the legends winning in tennis again?



Back in 2002, the big servers suddenly disappeared at Wimbledon. Everything was slowed down and we saw a massive change in the game which suited those who played with skill over power, arguably one that suited the younger players.

In 2017, the Australian Open has thrown up a bizarre set of finalists whose average age is way above what should be expected in the modern game and in conditions that help players come forward in a way they have not been able to in slams over the past decade.

Is it cheating? Not really because the conditions are the same for everyone, but it does highlight how the organisers of an event can ‘tweak’ the conditions in many ways from the length of the grass to the times players play (Federer has only played night matches so far) and everything else in between.

I’m not bitter. I may be a huge Murray fan (even my dog is named after him), but I love the fact that it feels like 2008 again and that we get to see these legends play under the brightest lights once again. I just find it interested how much results can be determined by the conditions that most of us don’t normally even consider.

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