reMarkable. I want!


Pen and paper are our simplest yet most powerful tools of creation. Its tactility and immediate response makes it natural, intuitive, almost like an extension of our body. In the digital world it’s difficult to replicate that experience. Attention to the subtlest details and nuances of the handwriting experience has made reMarkable as paper-like as it gets… More here.

I wrote this article in November, and now I find the reMarkable. At a pre-order price of $379 I am tempted, but the full price of $716 seems very high to me and it is quite big.

With a bit of luck this will be the first of many such devices.

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  1. Yeah, up my alley as well, but the price is so steep for something I wouldn’t be able to try hands on first.

    And lord knows I’ve spent so much on touch screen products over the years justified by the doodle pad capabilities…

  2. Do you do that much writing and reading that something like this is worthwhile? Compared to an iPad or it’s competitors or a Kindle-like device? There’s something here I don’t understand, other than the tech toy attraction.

    Personally, the power of paper is that it’s cheap and easy to use. I have a stack of 3″x3″ sheets for scribbling notes. I also have a stack of small post-it notes. I can have more than one visible on my desk at one time. I’ve tried to replace these with a to do list or note app, but it’s not as immediate. Out of sight, out of mind.

  3. I’d love one of these just to play with it… but I can’t see myself using it day to day as such. My aim has been to cut out paper as much as possible and to completely minaturise. That’s what my phone and it’s various accessories have done for me!

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