This year, we’ll probably need a little space from our smartphones


Do you find yourself looking at your smartphone a little differently these days? Thinking that maybe it’s time for a little break? If you are, you’re not alone.

From hacking to fake news, to filter bubbles and work emails after hours, the stress caused by smartphones and social media last year started to feel overwhelming.

There’s no doubt we have an intimate relationship with technology: many of us can’t leave home without our smartphones.

With all relationships, it starts with a courtship phase, where everything seems just rosy. For much of the last decade, that’s been our relationship with tech. There have been line-ups around the block whenever Apple launched a new phone — or watch, or tablet — and we can’t get enough of talking about Facebook and Twitter; even when we’re complaining about them, we’re still using them… More at CBC.

Good article and one that many of us could benefit from. Thanks yet again to Bob.

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