Smart watches in 2016


With so much consolidation in the smartwatch space, the future of the category looks gloomy. Less competition can mean less innovation, which can result in products growing stale and eventually fading altogether. Still, there have been developments in 2016 that could give the industry a boost. Startup Matrix Industries came up with a way to use body heat to power a smartwatch, which could eliminate (or at least alleviate) the problem of inadequate battery life. Plus, with Android Wear 2.0 slated to arrive early next year, the next generation of smartwatches will likely become more functional, giving users more reason to wear them… More at engadget.

It could be said that smart watches are at the stage phones were when the Treo 650 and early Windows Mobile devices were the best available. It is possible (unlikely?) that they will eventually change our lives.

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  1. Like smartphones, it may take the younger generation to really show the changes possible. When texting and facetime became available, did our generation immediately grab onto them and have them change our lives? Not really. And think back to when mobile phones became common. Did our parents latch onto them as a method of keeping in touch on the go? Not really.

    Likewise, as the younger generation, and I’m thinking of my grandkids, pick up on wearable tech, who knows what will be common.

    I will say this. Aside from the obvious health and fitness applications, as a list maker, having that list on my wrist (TM???) is very convenient.

  2. Before, my phone was a modem to my pda. My phone made calls and text messages, and my various pdas’ used my phone as a gateway to the Internet, and my phone couldn’t do anything my pda could do well. Now with the smartphone situation it seems like it’s the reverse. Your phone can do almost everything, but your smartphone is limited. Though I do like the Samsung S3, but it cost almost as much as my phone, making for an expensive “excesorry” to my phone. The early smartphones at least took care of doing a fairly decent job of saving me from buying yet another pda and another phone!

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