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Well, this is a year I have been looking forward to and not only because it isn’t 2016. My worry is that 2016 is likely just the opening of the toxic bottle and that the real poison will start to have an effect in the next half-decade.

I find it hard to believe that Trump will manage a full term and at this moment it feels unlikely that he will get through 2017 and still be President. You don’t need me to tell you the reasons for this because they are all too apparent, but I do hope that he does something completely ridiculous and is removed from power, politically. The thing is that we also need to see changes for the people who voted for Trump, and Brexit. The desperation that led them to vote in such a way shows that the system is broken in the West and that we all need to recognise that it is not just the middle-classes with the power when it comes to voting.

Brexit will possibly just rumble on and little will change in the next year or the dominoes will fall, Europe will rise up against the UK and we will be stuck nowhere. If Trump was in power in June of 2016, would the UK still have voted for Brexit? And would the US have voted for Trump if Brexit hadn’t happened? I don’t know, none of us knows, but we are where we are and it feels like living in a different universe.

As for tech, I’m starting to wonder if we are reaching a point where technology cannot do much that surprises us anymore. As human beings, we can do many things and all that seems to be left is the ability to monitor everything we do, draw in pixels rather than on paper and so niche computing tasks on powerful machines. Day to day, we want to communicate, play games and be rude to people over Twitter and Facebook, and we don’t need new devices to do that. We have solved many of the computing problems that were there pre-2010 and until someone truly blows our minds with a product that in no way exists at this time we will continue to see gradual improvements which are likely to damage Apple, Google, Microsoft and the rest.

Apple is likely to do something special with the iPhone 8, possibly very special and then we will continue to see small improvements over time. I really can’t see what is going to happen in the Android world to change anything dramatically, but I guess it is possible that Apple will surprise us and show that it gives a damn about real computers running macOS.

On a personal note, I will continue to use the iPhone SE and see no reason to change. The thought of an iPhone 8 being released that is markedly better is intriguing, but the question will remain concerning if it is too big for my preference. One thing is for certain though and that is that I will be moving away from monthly contracts and buying phones only when I need them which seems to be less often as each year passes.

Anyway, you know me, I hate to be negative (?) so here’s to 2017 and lets hope that everything above shows signs of improvement in the next 12 months. 2016 could just be a blip.

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  1. Tech-wise, maybe it’s just a lull before the singularity… http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-worst-lies-youve-been-told-about-the-singularity-1486458719

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