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Lost In Mobile has been back for almost 3 months now and the visitor numbers have been growing each week. I’m enjoying looking for new content and trying to make it as varied as possible, but some feedback would be nice.

Do you like the variety that is posted here each day? Are you only after tech news? Are there too many watch-related articles?

Basically, just comment on this article and let me know what you think. All criticisms, comments and ideas are good.

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  1. It was only about 2 weeks ago I saw Lost In Mobile was back. I like the varied content, some unusual bits and not your normal ‘copy & paste’ jobs like many other sites. Some I find more interesting than others, but that is personal preference.

    Like the odd personal opinion (longer form) written piece amongst some of the shorter link to pieces.

  2. It was a lovely ‘by-accident’ moment to see that it was back. Felt like reconnecting with a pal from way back when. I enjoy the content and am partial to watches myself (well, looking at them, not buying them!). Post whatever you like and if it doesn’t interest me I’ll just swipe by it on Feedly, there’ll be something of interest along soon enough. I have no preference re frequency of posts etc, just do what you feel like doing.

  3. I’m enjoying it. I’m not reading every article, but you’re talking about things you like, and I like that.

  4. I too was very happy to see Lost in mobile was back. It’s your blog to write anything you want. In fact it’s better that way. There’s so much going on in the world that getting another perspective on what’s important or interesting is valuable. Besides, I think we share the same sense of humor.

  5. I’ve already posted it earlier, but I like the variety of stuff here some of it more than other obviously, but that doesn’t matter. I have always enjoyed your thoughts and opinions on things, and I also like the kind of people who respond here – mature. Your sites, in all their variations, have been the ones I have been the most loyal to and which I have missed most in the moments of their absance. As long as you keep going, I’ll be here… and now I feel like I’m writing my wedding vows – lol!!

  6. Been a long time fan Shaun. Good to see you back at it. Keep up the great work.

  7. I dig it. I even like the love of watches even though I’m not that into them myself 😀

  8. Good to have you back and writing. Especially liking the snobbery-free watch posts.

  9. I like the broad variety and now visit daily. The technical level and content are just right.

  10. I have been a big fan, and was really sad when you had the little break in the middle, even if it was with some newsletters.
    Now that you’re back, I definitely want you to carry on, and of course, happy to help if ever 🙂

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