Pebble says goodbye


Active Pebble watches will work normally for now. Functionality or service quality may be reduced down the road. We don’t expect to release regular software updates or new Pebble features. Our new mission will focus on bringing Pebble’s unique wearables expertise to future Fitbit products. We’re also working to reduce Pebble’s reliance on cloud services, letting all Pebble models stay active long into the future.

One-to-one Pebble support is no longer available. Any Pebble currently out in the wild is no longer covered by or eligible for warranty exchange. Users looking to troubleshoot their Pebbles can still visit our Help Portal and community resources. More at kickstarter.

A real shame, especially for those who own Pebble products. The lack of a warranty is a loss when you consider that FitBit is buying some of the company. I like how you can buy ‘some’ and leave the original users behind. Actually, I don’t like it.

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  1. Bummed, it felt like the only watch I know I could build my own face for, if I ever got around to it. And started liking wearing watches…

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