Citizen Chrono-Time At Limited Edition BY0003-07E Watch Review


Brand: Citizen

Case width: 46mm

Case depth: 14mm

Gender: Men’s

Case material: Satin finish solid AISI 316L Stainless steel

Water resistance: 200 metres

Movement: CITIZEN Rechargeable Eco-Drive Japanese Quartz Analog (radio controlled)

MPN: BY0003-07E

Price: $699 (no longer sold) 2,500 limited edition

The Limited Edition BY0003-07E is one of a number of watches Citizen sells that vary by design and consequently by price. There is a focus on making limited editions that come with fancy boxes and unusual added features, but you can get the heart of this watch for a decent price today, and in a much cleaner and modern case.


In this watch, you get a gold case, a brown leather strap and a face that it as busy as a watch face can be. It would take me forever to detail what can be done with this watch, but the stand out feature is the world times. The cities you will need are included and the end result is near universal time and the ability to change the city and see the time move in an instant. For travellers this is a great feature and one that alone could sell the watch.

The perpetual calendar is another bonus which means you will never need to change the date at the end of the month. Once set, you will always have the correct date and of course, to the second accuracy thanks to the radio control. In my tests, the signal reception has been excellent, as good as the multi-band Casios, and it has never put a foot wrong. If world times, accuracy and a raft of features are important to you, this watch offers it all, albeit in a very traditional setting which is kind of clever. It can be all things to the right person.

Now, in this version you also get calculation scales which are done using the internal bezel. A read through the user manual (available here- page 33 onwards) shows what can be done and the list is quite amazing. From calculating flying times to ground speed to fuel consumption to conversions, it is all here and aimed squarely at a pilot. Then again, you can also calculate ratios, square roots and so much more by turning the bezel and aligning it with the inner wheel markings. It’s a strange idea, especially in a world full of phones that can calculate everything in an instant, but it is also something that feels quite wonderful to use. A purely analogue calculator on your wrist along with everything else is a truly great thing.


So what else do we have? Well, the Eco-Drive power is more than enough to keep the radio control going and to keep the time accurate, with nothing less than full power being displayed for me in my time with this watch. The use of different fonts on the face is somewhat disconcerting, however, and I am not convinced by the way the cities and date are so traditional and everything else is so modern. Throw in the fact that red, black and white are used on the face and the gold does end up looking somewhat out of place.

If you feel that the design here is too much, bearing in mind that it can’t be bought new anyway, take a look at the BY0100-51H version which forgoes the calculation tools and offers a much cleaner and more modern look. It is still expensive with an RRP of £479, but this particular range of watches offers a huge number of features and the potential to be your analogue pal for many years to come.

Build quality: 9/10

Accuracy: 10/10

Design: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10

Overall: 34/40

There is no doubting the quality of this watch or the fascinating features. With perfect timekeeping and a range of measurements available via the internal bezel, there is a lot to love here. The design, however, may not appeal to everyone.

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