Really Bad Chess


For those of you who are serious chess players, Really Bad Chess will appear to be a silly idea. For the rest of us, it brings a new twist which is at times much more playable.

Chess is one of those games I always wished I enjoyed, but its commitment to beauty, elegance, and perfect balance always turned me away. Really Bad Chess removes these boring restrictions and flips chess on its head.

As much as random pieces change the game in some ways, I was really surprised to notice how much the game remains the same, and how powerful some pieces are — you’ve never truly struggled against a pawn until you’ve struggled against a pawn in the back row.

For chess pros, Really Bad Chess will give you a new type of challenge — the pieces & the moves are the same, but you’ll have to throw out your openings and your understanding of normal patterns of play.

For novice chess players (like most of us), Really Bad Chess greatly opens up the game. Instead of starting by studying openings, in your first games you’ll get to discover the joy (and challenge!) of learning how to checkmate.

I hope you have as much fun with Really Bad Chess as much as I did making it.


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  1. Reminds me a bit of Chess960

    I always thought chess might be interesting as a real time videogame – like back when we had to use joysticks and cursors, and if the cursor reset its position each time you made a move…

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