What are all these Apple people working on?


I just read this.

Last month, Apple told reporters that it was formally exiting the standalone display business and ceding it to partners like LG. According to a new report from Bloomberg, it may soon be doing the same thing with its AirPort router business. Apple is still selling the routers for now, but it has apparently broken up its router development team and reassigned the engineers to other projects like the Apple TV.

I have an Airport Extreme purchased in 2014. Why did I buy an Airport Extreme? Exactly for the reason the article mentions. It’s easy to set up and is designed to work with all the other Apple hardware I have. And also because networks have always been a bit of a black art to me.

I see Apple getting out of various things, such as external displays and the aforementioned routers. The Mac Mini was dumbed down last update which was a few years ago. And the Mac Pro, that was launched with great ceremony, hasn’t been updated since.

What are all these people working on? I don’t think Apple is downsizing. It didn’t take that many people to come up with the new MacBook Pros.

The more things Apple gets out of, the smaller the Apple ecosystem becomes. I’m starting to think about how well non-Apple pieces would fit together with what’s left.


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