Apple Watch 42mm Milanese Loop Strap review


A friend of mine owns the stainless Steel Apple Watch and the Milanese loop because he wants people to know he owns the stainless steep version. I’m not kidding, the reason he bought the Milanese loop was so that people were more likely to look at the watch and realise what it is. Those are his words, not mine, and they feel kind of familiar for people who buy a Rolex.

Anyway, I spent some time looking at his loop strap and was suitably impressed with what I saw and felt. It really did grab me, the way it felt, the see-through appearance, the ultra-strong magnet and how comfortable it was. It is absolutely lovely!

So, I had a long thought about it and figured that it was worth the money. It feels odd looking at this amount of money for a watch strap, but I bit the bullet and went for it.


And it is perfect. It really is stunning and I would love to see such thin Milanese available for traditional watches. Then again, I have always baulked at buying named watch straps because they tend to be very expensive and you can buy very good quality variants for a quarter of the price.

The next step was to show it to my friend and he laughed at how I had caved. He put it on his wrist and spent a while explaining how the quality made the price worthwhile and that no one else could make a strap like this, but to be fair he didn’t look too hard and just presumed…

I then explained that it was a £7.99 Milanese strap from Amazon and he just stood there with his mouth open. He really struggled to tell the difference and I explained that £149 for a strap from Apple, a company that isn’t even a watchmaker, is ridiculous (again). This strap, however, is great value and time will tell if it can survive normal use.

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  1. Shaun, please make a note to let us know in 6 months how that band is holding up. I took a look at the Milanese loops on Amazon. They get mixed reviews. Most say that they aren’t as sturdily built and may not last as long. However, if one from Amazon lasts in good shape for a year, you could buy 18 of them for the same price as the Apple version. Would the Apple version last 18 years?

  2. At twice a year, I guess the band will hold up just fine.

    On a slightly different note. Why do you have an Apple Watch? I got mine as a gift. I’m not what you’d call a watch person. I used to wear a cheap Casio. I like what the Apple Watch adds, like easy access to the weather and my task list, but I don’t think I would have bought it myself.

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