iPhone Grabs 104% Of Smartphone Profit / Android grabs 87.5% of Smartphone shipments


BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long estimates that Apple accounted for 103.6% of smartphone industry operating profits in the third quarter. Its share is over 100% because other vendors lost money in the business, resulting in Apple having more smartphone profit than the industry netted overall. In the year-earlier period, Apple grabbed 90% of smartphone profits, Long said in a research report Thursday… More at Investors.com.


Android accounted for a record 87.5% of the 375 million smartphones shipped in the third quarter, ending September 30. That’s up from 84% last year. While the gain may seem small, it highlights Android’s continued dominance in the smartphone market.

Apple shipped 45.5 million iPhones in the period, down 5.2%, while Android smartphone sales hit 328.6 million, up 10%. Apple posted its first sales decline since 2001 last month, just weeks after launching the iPhone 7 line… More at CNN Money.

Nice, but which would you rather have?

One thought on “iPhone Grabs 104% Of Smartphone Profit / Android grabs 87.5% of Smartphone shipments

  1. Having the big market share and the almost absent profit share- arguably it should be a wonderland for customers. Not being an Android buyer I don’t know if it feels that much better/cheaper overall.

    In the USA it’s closer to an even Apple/Android split, which jives with what I see on the subway. (My view is otherwise distorted since most of my well-treated geek worker peers use Apple)

    Actually – huh… I did some more googling, and while Android is even more popular by percentage in Asia, the numbers don’t seem to make up for the closer to even splits in Europe and the USA:

    So at least one thing to keep in mind – sometimes they’re talking “phone shipped” (when they’re talking %s compared to iPhones) and sometimes they’re talking “phones sold” (like the % increase in sales, but a growth number that’s relative to itself) So maybe that accounts for some of the profit disparity?

    And of course with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, there are plenty of phones shipped AND sold that shouldn’t be kept in those tallies…

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