43% of iPhone users ready to upgrade?

3 thoughts on “43% of iPhone users ready to upgrade?

  1. I just went to the Apple Store and put down $80 USD to get a new battery in my two year old iPhone 6. Almost feels like a new machine. Assuming it holds up I might be fine til late 2018.

    Even though I’m not on the “Apple’s not innovating!” band wagon, I have to admit phones kinda matured sometime around, the iPhone 5 era, maybe before? You get a fine camera, music player, browser, messenger, and PDA, and everything else is just gravy.

    (Laptops got functionally utilitarian and a little dull too, but it happened earlier.)

    So when you combine that with Apple inviting us to boldly stride into the future of ports by crossing on a rickety bridge of various dongles, there’s an active disincentive to get a new phone or laptop, unless you are REALLY into technology that’s super thin for its own sake.

    (This is for the Anglo markets; I’ve heard that it seems like status-conscious and more display-oriented cultures in Asia may be more poised to react to a shiny new curvy product, but I don’t know a lot about it)

  2. I know a few people who are holding out because they think next year some kind of “ultimate” iPhone is going to come out to mark their anniversary!

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