Apple ups UK prices, to a rediculous level

Mac mini starts £479 (was £399) 
Mac Pro £2999 (£2499)

iMac 4K £1449 (£1199)

iMac 5K from £1749 (£1449)

Tough on UK customers, that.

Informative tweet from iCreate, but those price changes are insane!

UPDATE: Actually, these prices do fit recent currency changes when looked at closely, but it’s the starting points that bug me.

3 thoughts on “Apple ups UK prices, to a rediculous level

  1. Ouch. I looked at the base iMac prices and did some conversions.

    $1799 USD is 2405 CDN and 1479£

    The Canadian price is $2299 – a bargain

    The UK price is 1749£ – Ouch again. Maybe shipping prices have gone up.

    1. Doesn’t the US price have a sales tax on top though?

      1. That’s right, the UK price has VAT included, doesn’t it. Our sales tax is added after because the government that implemented it promised that it would be visible. No comment. In the province of Ontario, the sales tax (called HST for harmonized sales tax) is 13%. That makes the Canadian price $2598. So much for the bargain. The U.S. has no national sales tax, but state sales taxes max at 9.45%. Plus they may have local sales tax which we do not have. The total ranges from 0% to 13.5%. So if you buy in New Hampshire, with 0% tax, the price is the price. In California, with 10%, the price is $1979 USD. In that case the Canadian price is a bargain but the UK price is still 120£ higher. Still ouch.

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