Needy technology


We are being hassled and nagged by the technology that is supposed to make our lives better and more convenient. Facebook says Hello in the morning and asks us how we are. But its attempts at chirpy human touches aren’t making us more connected (and besides, none of the humans I know are chirpy); they are making me feel suspicious about why it needs to know, and bad about neglecting it. And the reason I have little desire to tell Facebook how I am at the moment is mainly because its current favourite thing to do is to remind me of how awful I was back in 2007, when I wrote in the third person and mainly complained about feeling unwell. Using On This Day, a hideous ghost of Christmas past, Facebook reminded me that a decade ago, I felt the need to tell my feed that I had bought a ukulele. Worse, it reminded me that a decade ago, I bought a ukulele. It knew what it was doing… More at The Guardian.

Good article. Similar to many before it, but always worth remembering how persistent modern mobile devices can be.

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