Apple is a hardware company, but software is its main advantage (for now)

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Microsoft dropped two very surprising pieces of hardware yesterday and I for one sat up and looked closely. This has not happened for a long time and I actually found myself wondering if a Surface Book could be a decent upgrade to my ageing iMac.

This is not something I ever consider when it comes to phones because there is no way on earth I am moving away from the iPhone. There simply is no competitor for my needs and as each year passes, so I become more embedded in the reliability, efficiency and flexibility of iOS. I am stuck with it and I am happy to be so.

The one issue that stops me moving from a Mac is the software. It is arguable to say that many Windows laptops and PCs are easily comparable to Macs and that in many cases they are much cheaper. The debate continues as to how ‘value’ is measured when you consider that many Macs are in full-time use for many years, but it is becoming apparent that Apple’s lead in desktop hardware is lessening all of the time.

macOS remains by far the biggest advantage for me and the reasons are numerous-

The lack of updates which plagues most Windows computers. The sheer amount of work to keep a Windows PC running is a pain in the backside.

Security is still much better on a Mac despite what many claim. I am not saying that this as a blanket and there are many reasons why Macs are more secure (lack of marketshare etc etc), but it is a fact.

It works so well with iOS and because I use my iPhone a lot, macOS is the obvious partner to have on my desktop.

Reliability (for me) has been quite incredible and it continues to be that way. No Windows PC has ever performed as consistently as my iMac has over the past 6 years.

Free yearly software updates, a more convenient interface for getting things done and so the reasons continue.

Apple may not be taking macOS as seriously as some of us would like and the hardware could be improved greatly (for the money that is required to make a purchase), but the fact is that for many people macOS is not a choice. It really is the only option.

But, how long can that last for? If Apple continues to develop Mac hardware as slowly as it has done recently, time will come when a lot of us start to look over the fence and believe that the fruit is greener on the other side.

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  1. Just watched the Apple event. Love the idea of the Touch Bar but that was about it. Yes, the MacBook Pro got a nice hardware update but that’s expected and it has been a while. The Touch Bar is neat but I want it on an external keyboard for my iMac.

    Speaking of which, they didn’t. Not even a mention. Maybe there’ll be a spec upgrade but it wasn’t apparent when the Apple Store came back up. And nothing on the Mac Pro or Mac Mini. It can’t be that hard to upgrade the CPU/GPU to today’s models. They seem to have dropped the 11″ MacBook Air but otherwise haven’t changed the 12″ MacBook or 13″ MacBook Air.

    And while I like the idea of the Surface Studio, Windows 10 doesn’t appeal to me as my full time OS. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. Have you watched the Surface Studio intro video? Looks like something Apple might have done. Is imitation flattering? Or in this case are they trying to say that the innovation shoe is on the other foot.

  3. Well recovered Bob. Well, sort of:)

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