Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes- it happens

One of our loyal PhoneArena readers, who works for one of the big U.S. wireless carriers, just sent us an email pertaining to one of his company’s subscribers. The source, who asked for anonymity, says that a customer just came into the store he works at with a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that had exploded. The sad thing for the customer, is that he just received the unit two weeks ago after turning in his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (version 2 with the “safe” battery). According to the owner of the handset, it was charging overnight using the OEM charger… More at Phone Arena.

Well, I guess this did happen and the other phone exploded in Ohio, but these things do happen. I’m guessing that every phone that has sold in big numbers has at least a couple that have caught fire or blown up. Batteries do that from time to time.

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