The Grand Seiko SBGA029 is perfect


I think I have found the perfect watch. Seriously, I can see nothing wrong here at all. From the beautifully simple design to the over large hands to the amazingly clear lume. To the movement to the power reserve to the insane attention to detail. I could go on, I really could.

Reviewing the Grand Seiko SBGA029 was mostly a selfish endeavor, as I longed to spend some quality time test driving this diver. Its considerable dimensions are indeed way outside my comfort zone, yet I have somehow still been deeply attracted to this specific model ever since Jack first wrote about it a year ago. I was already familiar with the dressier Grand Seiko models and had high expectations based on Seiko’s track record with diving watches. After all, it must be fairly hard to compete with its cousin the Seiko SKX007, most likely the best price-for-quality diver you could ever dream of. For that reason, the SBGA029 goes a totally different direction, offering an interesting interpretation of a luxury diver, aiming at the Rolexes and Omegas of this world, while putting a unique twist on the category as well… More at Hodinkee.

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