The distance and calm of paper

I have been using a paper notebook more and more recently and find myself just as organised as when using my phone to note down every task, buzz me with a reminder and generally organise me to oblivion.

It has taken a long time to reach a point where I am comfortable just using paper, but I have finally got there and have noticed numerous benefits. For one, I am using my brain to remember things. It’s a small thing, but I have to look at my book to see what needs to be done and that simple proactive task is somewhat calming. The pro activity of doing something when I have the time means that I am not being interrupted and that I am not trying to do two things at once.

It sounds so simple, boring actually, but for someone who has spent the past 20 years being reminded of what to do next, it is a refreshing development.

I struggle to find stuff I have written down because it is just a notebook and there is no order to my scribbles, and so I use Apple Notes for stuff I must keep for referring to later, but still the simply joy of writing something down with a decent pen on good quality paper is a pleasure that should feel invisibly familiar.

Besides that small issue my move to paper is now complete and I feel just a little calmer because of it. Not sure if this article is useful or the most boring thing I have ever written…

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