The Nintendo Switch

Interesting, very interesting. Many people were caught off guard by the Nintendo Switch today and with good reason. From the video above, I am in two, or three, minds about it, but can see some potential here.

It competes well with phone gaming which is hugely popular, it offers the full-screen gaming experience which is also very popular and thus has a modern foot in both camps.

So many questions remain though which will show if Nintendo is learning from the past. Will they entice third-party developers to the platform? Full support is there, but this will be key to success. Will the platform be powerful enough to compete with Xbox and Playstation? The Wii was remarkably successful, but over time people jumped to the more static platforms because they offered better social and technical experiences.

Potentially, this could be a hit for Nintendo. However, it needs to be a long-term hit and not just another success that doesn’t cut it for a generation of gamers. For Nintendo to have 2 failed consoles in a row, the future would start to look more shaky than ever, even if the company still has a mountain of cash to play with.

Here’s hoping that we have a success on, and in, our hands.

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