Return of the Mac?

Many people in the tech press have been bemoaning the lack of Mac updates in recent times and I wonder if it is starting to become a real problem rather than a few techies having a rant.

Despite the fact that ‘computers’ are now evolving slowly than a few years ago, it does feel to me as though the Mac range is somewhat stagnant.

I am not at the stage where I would consider a Windows laptop, can’t imagine that happening for some time, but my iMac is starting to show its age now and I am loathe to spend a lot of money on a computer that is due an upgrade, like most Macs seem to be due upgrades at the moment.

It would be easy to buy a new MacBook or iMac now and be perfectly happy with it for a long time to come, just as I have been with my current iMac for the past 5 years, but the sense that something newer will appear is hard to ignore. I don’t believe that Apple is ignoring the Mac and suspect that there are some technical issues delaying releases, but the level of importance macOS and the associated hardware is getting is obviously much less than what iOS commands.

We know that iOS dominates revenues and profits for Apple and that much of the focus from the media and public heads that way. We know that most people’s exposure to Apple comes through the iPhone, iPad etc, but we also know that the Mac is actually much more important to Apple and to many people who own iOS devices than the sales figures show.

Apple may not be great at cloud stuff and things like AirPlay are often not worth using, but the sense that my iPhone and iMac are ‘together’ is hard to ignore, and I would like to feel as comfortable about buying a new Mac as I do an iPhone.

We don’t know what is happening and why, but the humble Mac really is not getting the love it deserves at this time.

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