How to make money from kickstarter: Mori Brass Diver 300m


The Mori Brass Diver 300m from Ventus is a fantastic looking watch for $269 which is inspired by 1950’s diving design. It also highlights how, with a little bit of care and some investment, there is honest money to be made from kickstarter.

It looks great, uses BGW9 superluminova which will stay lit all night and the legendary Seiko NH35 automatic movement which will run for decades without needing a service. When you look at the parts, however, it’s easy to see where the profit comes from. The Seiko NH35 automatic movement can be bought for approx. £30 and likely a lot less when bought in bulk and the rest comes down to taste, the machinery to build the casing and good marketing.

Ventus appears to have made a watch here that ticks most of the boxes of higher-end models and it seemingly has very few downsides. Impressive all round.


An interesting comparison would be the RPM 01 Classic from Sartory Billard which retails for 2,900 euros. For that money you get an automatic ETA 2824-2 Top movement ($239.00 to buy on its own), sapphire glass, stainless steel and not much else above the Mori Brass Diver.

This highlights how a brand name can make such a huge difference to the price, but I must admit that the RPM 01 Classic is simply stunning whereas the Mori Brass Diver is merely very very nice.

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