The iPhone 7: last for battery performance

The iPhone 7 may be touted by Apple as its best smartphone ever, as is tradition, but sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. Which? testing has revealed that the battery on the iPhone 7 doesn’t last as long as its three major rivals.

We compared the iPhone 7’s battery life, when making calls and browsing the web, to those of three top Android competitors: the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5, and the results were staggering… More at Which?

It remains the case that by far the biggest weakness of the iPhone is the battery performance. While it may stack up technically and suffer from the fact that people tend to use their iPhones for staggering periods of time, I still look forward to the day when I don’t have to worry at all about getting through the day without charging.

The evidence is clear; battery life remains a hindrance for many people and this is showing in iPhone sales, which continue to go up every single year?

It seems that annoying battery performance is a price we are willing to pay at this time and something tells me that Apple may finally do something about it in 2017. Maybe, possibly…

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