The Circle review

I’m terrible for actually finishing books and I admit that it only happens about 50% of the time. I read a lot, but it is very easy for me to lose interest, but now and then a book will grab me just enough to make me get all the way to 100%, or the final page for those of you still reading paper books.


The idea is set against a backdrop of modern cloud systems and how our privacy is being eroded over time, little by little and in ways we often didn’t realise. The Circle is a company which in a future time is effectively Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp rolled into one. If that sounds scary to you, the book could well be worth reading because it touches upon just how far technology can go and how much of ourselves we choose to share with the world.

The premise of sharing information is by far the most interesting part of the book because the characters are somewhat unlikable and not particularly interesting. If I am honest, I wasn’t that impressed by the way scenes were set and the general atmosphere which felt quite flat and basic at times, but my curiosity remained heightened by where The Circle was heading as a company and the view that privacy is theft. The idea that not sharing something is morally wrong is a fascinating counter to what most of us feel now and it is taken to the extreme in this book.

I don’t want to say too much about it, but if you are into technology and have an interesting in privacy you will likely gain something from this novel. It isn’t the best book I have read by a long way, but the idea has stayed with me ever since.

The Circle is available here

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