Dropping my iPhone 6s for an SE…

I spent some time with the new iPhone SE this morning, a good hour in the shop as I chatted with a friend, and I must admit that I was won over.

My first concern was that I would struggle to see what was happening on screen now that I am used to the 6s, but I was surprised that everything felt natural from the first time I used it. Sure there are some minor adjustments to be made when compared to how web pages etc are displayed on a larger screen, but I was won over by the size and design of the SE compared to the 6s.

I have never liked the iPhone 6 design for a number of reasons. It is not easy to hold without a case, to the point that you must use a case with it which makes the design pointless anyway. It is arguably too thin to be easy to hold due to its size and doesn’t make sense to me on so many levels. The iPhone 5, however, was a brilliant design and Apple has kept true to that notion with the SE. It still feels fresh and modern, and crucially it is exceptionally easy to hold and drop in a pocket. No case required.

The lack of 128GB in the SE is annoying, but it is something I can adjust to. I have so many apps and games on my 6 that I don’t use so it would be easy to strip a few of them away and be left with 20 GB spare. The lack of 3D Touch is invisible to me because I never use it and the only other change is the slower fingerprint sensor, which in some ways is an advantage because I would actually get to see the lock screen again.

The more I think about it, the more enthused I am with the SE and the more I realise that the iPhone 6 never grabbed me in the same way previous models did. I think it’s time to go small again.

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