The New York Times blocks you if you use an AdBlocker

Gregor Alsch posted the above image on Twitter earlier today and the responses were predictable, outraged and in some cases quite smart. Here are a few examples-

“what’s annoying is I’m a paid subscriber and I still get this.”

That’s not good.

“If ads are the only way one has to make money maybe one should consider a new business-model?”

Really? You have a website, you gain lots of traffic and magic beans will suddenly fall out of the sky to pay for the hosting and journalists etc.

“So that’s the NYT and Forbes as sites I wont visit anymore.”

And that’s the point. If you expect such journalism completely for free, you are not exactly a great loss to the NYT.

“lots of negative comments on malware, paywalls, data, but no one has said how they want to fund quality journalism?”

No one ever does. They just say things like ‘a new way to make money is needed.’

“really like this, adblock users are the worst enemy of quality journalism these days.”

I agree.

“wrong. Lazy companies who don’t filter out bad ads (malware etc) are the enemy.”

I agree.

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