Gadget Magazine: a publication for the future

I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Gadget Magazine I was sceptical because I don’t particularly like the word ‘Gadget’. It feels geeky, childish and far from serious, but it is also a word which sums up the content well in this instance.

I’ll be honest again and say that I have connections to Imagine Publishing, but I will never write anything that is not true or it wouldn’t be worth the time you reading what I have to say.

I purchased a copy because I wanted to see what the writing style was like and how well it was put together, and boy was I in for a surprise. Over a period of 24 hours, a few people at work picked it up for a browse and time and time again I heard the words “Have you seen this?” From super high-tech cars to electronic writing pads to almost everything else, the content and the way it was all presented became immediately interesting to work colleagues. It also dragged me in almost instantly; one of those magazines that makes you pick it up countless times to see what you have missed, and you have always missed something of interest.

My second issue, the latest one, includes racing drones, virtual reality guides and a brilliant section which discusses vinyl vs digital for music. It continues with 3D printing, a barista bot, some brilliant DIY tools and much more that I have not got to yet.

It is all too easy to think of modern technology as being phones, tablets and smart watches, but a quick look at Gadget Magazine will open your eyes to how cleverly modern technology is used in a huge variety of devices which span all aspects of our lives. The presentation is really quite superb and shaped in a way which makes the content obvious, but also deep enough to keep you coming back.

I read quite a few magazines, but this is easily one of the best new publications I have read in a long time and my subscription will be set up today. Some say that the future of magazines is bleak, but with publications like this still popping up I can see nothing but positives to come.

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