TomTom GO Mobile is exceptional value, it really is

I have seen a few complaints today about the new TomTom GO Mobile app which is being pushed above the traditional ‘owning’ method of navigation. I can understand the complaints because TomTom is really pushing the idea to owners of the current app with pop-ups appearing which can be quite annoying. 

However, upon further investigation the deal is actually very good providing you already use one of the premium options. The new app will cost £15.99 per year for unlimited navigation, traffic, speed cameras, world maps and advanced lane guidance, but for those who already own the app, there is a 3 year grace period in which you pay £0.00. 

The current traffic option costs £1.49 per month (the removal of the 12 month option was admittedly annoying) so you would effectively be paying £53.64 to use it over the next 3 years. That’s £53.64 saved if you already own the app and use traffic and instead of paying £17.88 per year for traffic after that, you will be paying £15.99 for everything which a further saving of £1.89 per year.

From a financial perspective there is nothing apart from good value here and if you currently own the app, you can continue to use it without the premium services. Admittedly, the new app will take some getting used to because it is far from easy to understand and the way that TomTom has gone about this is unclear, but I believe that for most users the move will be a good one.

Update: the new version is just awful. The interface is hard to understand, many of the most useful features have gone and worst of all, it continually routes me to dead ends and cannot find my home anymore. Stick with the original until TomTom fixes the ‘upgraded’ version…

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