Newsletter: 14th March 2016

Two cargo planes full of biscuits were flown into South Yorkshire in the past two weeks in response to a biscuit shortage in the UK.  The shortage was caused by flooding in Cumbria forcing United Biscuits – who manufacture products under McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Crawford’s – to close its Carlisle factory.” Spare a thought for us Brits during this difficult time. You can read the full tragic story here, if you can bear it.

“RBS is cutting the jobs of 220 face-to-face advisers, as it switches customers to an automated online service. It said personalised advice would now only be offered to customers with more than £250,000 to invest. A Natwest and RBS spokesperson said in a statement: “Our customers increasingly want to bank with us using digital technology. As a result, we are scaling back our face-to-face advisers and significantly investing in an online investing platform that enables us to help a new group of customers with as little as £500 to invest.” Yes, that is correct. We would all like to talk to a robot over the phone rather than a real person. You can read the full story here. Trying to avoid sarcasm overload in this newsletter.

TomTom is currently on the hard end of some negativity after pushing a new business model for its navigation app on the iPhone. The idea is that you pay €19.99 for 1 year or €44.99 for three years rather than buy the app outright, but it seems that some people who own the app already don’t like this. Well, the thing is that you do not have to upgrade to the new plan and if you use any premium services at all this is a great deal because you get everything for free for the next 36 months. I will personally save over £40 in the next three years on the traffic service alone and will then pay the same as now. It’s a superb service and deserves ongoing support.

Brian Bilston has posted his CV online. He is a poet, a very good poet, and you can read the full document here. Trust me, it is worth a minute of your time.

Charles Manson: The Incredible Story of the Most Dangerous Man Alive is obviously not going to be an easy read, but it is fascinating. “Three young girls dance down the hallway of the Superior Court Building in Los Angeles, holding hands and singing one of Charlie’s songs. They might be on their way to a birthday party in their short, crisp cotton dresses, but, actually they are attending a preliminary hearing to a murder trial…”

What happens when you pour molten copper over a Big Mac? Nothing really, it survives almost perfectly. Just as presumably it does in your stomach for the next few decades. The video is above.

Making a decent cup of coffee almost always involves having to use a large coffee maker at home. Or, you could use the minipresso which claims to make the most amazing shots in the smallest of places. Looks very neat.

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