The Timex Metropolitan+

While other smartwatches and fitness trackers have heart-rate sensors, GPS and other more advanced sensors for quantifying your activity, the Metropolitan+ only tracks steps and distance. (The Timex Connected smartphone app also calculates calories burned based on this data, and sleep metrics are coming in a future software update in Spring 2016.)

To check how much you’ve walked and how far you’ve walked, just press and hold down the pusher button (that’s the one at the two o’clock mark). Doing this will cycle between the four modes: “S” for steps, “D” for distance (miles), Bluetooth (for syncing data to a phone) and Off.

I like the look of the Metropolitan+ and the way the smart features give way to the traditional watch design, but if there is one thing I do not like about Timex watches it is the loud ticking. Sadly it would seem that this model suffers from this which is a real shame. More at Mashable.

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