What was your favourite tech of the year?

In a year in which the iPhone 6s was released, it feels strange for me that the Nespresso has easily been my favourite tech product of the year. It has removed me from my Costa Coffee addiction, saved me a ton of money and opened my eyes to the fact that tech is much more than mobile phones and tablets. I reviewed it here and my thoughts have not changed at all since the first flush of enjoyment, and if anything I appreciate it more today than when I first bought it.

The iPhone has of course proved to be a fantastic phone. The camera is better than ever, it never misses a beat and I am carrying on using it just as I did the 6, the 5s and most of the iPhones before, to the point that I rarely, if ever, use 3D Touch. I appreciate the technology, but still haven’t found a need for it.

The Moto G has also proved enlightening, especially for the price, and I use it for many freelance articles. Like the iPhone, it just works without the need for gimmicks and has opened my eyes to the way the Android industry is moving- to much cheaper phones that do 95% of what the high-end devices do.

And then there was the Dyson Animal (reviewed here) which has made life a little easier for my family. With a new dog in the house, there are many more occasions where such a device is required and we find ourselves using it every day for spillages and any bit of mess we see. Like I said in the review, it takes away the friction when needing to clean up and has proved to be worth every penny so far.

In a year in which I have used the Apple Watch, Moto G, Sony Smart Watch 3 and the Pebble Time for extended periods, not one has stayed with me. It feels like a case of ‘want’ rather then ‘need’ when it comes to smart watches for me and I await the time when a manufacturer makes one that is truly compelling and which grows over time. This could change, but until then we remain in the slow-growth period which feels similar to the phone market pre-iPhone. The difference here, however, is that Apple is already in the game and has failed to ignite the market.

I have tried many other phones over the past 12 months, including the Note 5, latest LG and a variety of others, but they all exhibit the same traits of gradually improving on devices that already do most things very well. The gradual improvements are inevitable and are of course good for us as consumers. Maybe it is time to accept that there will not be another ‘iPhone moment’ in the world of phone and to just enjoy that they are still improving all of the time. That may not be exciting for marketing people, but we reap the rewards every time we pick them up and use them.

That’s it. A year in which a vacuum cleaner and coffee maker were my favourite tech products- I never thought I would say that. There was one final purchase we made which has changed everything in our house and he is below. 5 month’s old and growing every day, but Murray has to be my favourite purchase of the year, even if he could not be classed as tech.

So, what was your tech product of the year and why?

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