Two men bought the same watch on the same day. One paid $950,000 more than the other

Say you’re on the hunt for one of Rolex’s greatest watches – arguably the pinnacle of the Crown’s 20th century design – the reference 6062 triple calendar moon-phase. And say you’ve got your heart set on a pink gold example with a star dial, the so-called “Stelline.” Well, you’d be in luck because this past month, we saw two of them for sale in the Geneva auctions. On paper, they were identical, and in fact they were just 17 watches apart from each other based on serial number. But one of them sold for 1,265,000 SFr, while the other brought in 315,750 SFr. The price difference there? 949,250 Swiss Franc, or about a million bucks. Why? Well, this is just one example of the disparity we are seeing in pricing these days – and here I’ll try to explain a little bit in hopes that you, learn a little something from it. Which buyer got the better deal? To be honest, it could be either one of them, based on how the future of collecting goes.

Welcome to the weirdly wonderful world of watch collecting. More here.

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