Disney apps, songs, movies and books for £9.99/month

I’m not so much interested in this particular service, but the fact that someone has finally seen the potential of bundling various media into one subscription. Will we at some point see a subscription service from the likes of Apple or Google that covers films, TV shows, books and music? It sounds incredibly difficult to achieve at this time given the way licenses are handled, but it could happen. More about DisneyLife here.

Unlimited streaming in the UK (if via 3G/4G, data charges may apply).
Enjoy your favourites on the move (Streaming within the UK or download in the UK before travelling).
Create up to six profiles so each member of the family can personalise their experience.
Add up to 10 compatible devices.
Manage your kids’ time with built-in parental controls.
Watch movies, TV shows and read books in up to five different languages – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
No in-app purchase costs once you have subscribed.

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