I took the Apple Watch off for 2 days and…

I don’t miss it at all.

This is not to say that the device is poor in any way, but that perhaps the need for smart watches at this time (for me) is still not necessary enough to wear one.

It obviously has some advantages such as alerting me to notifications, but at no time has it ‘saved my life’ and told me something that I needed to know 60 seconds earlier or that my iPhone could not do anyway. 

The fitness tracking is interesting, but not particularly useful to a sloth like me and for all other purposes, there is nothing here that makes me want to wear it, or that gives me the same feeling, over my traditional watch.

I did notice that checking the time on a normal watch suddenly feels like an upgrade without having to wait for the screen to turn on- it’s just there and a glance is enough. It looks much nicer and feels more emotional, but that could be down to the fact that I am a watch guy so it’s not important.

I am starting to wonder if we are already more than connected enough that a smart watch, in its current iteration, does not offer enough to make people switch. When they can truly do practical things that are beneficial, maybe the market will grow exponentially and even start to take the place of a phone.

Until that time, however, I see the Apple Watch as a curiosity, an example of what can be done in a tiny space and nothing more.

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