First impressions of the Galaxy S6

A colleague at work was showing off his Samsung Galaxy S6 today and I must say it looked rather nice, at first. It is thicker than I expected, but still offers a plastic look despite being made of metal on the edges. In fact, the design looked quite traditional to me and I must say it does not flow at all compared to the iPhone 6.

I would go as far as to say that it looks like the fat big brother of the iPhone who lost out in the looks department and it truly is shocking just how similar the bottom of the phone is to the iPhone 6. Samsung is often accused of copying Apple, rightly or wrongly, but this is too obvious to argue about. If you cannot see a stark similarity you are either blind or somewhat anti-Apple. 

The S6 is fast, the screen is great and the camera looks smart, but my word it is incredibly dull from an aesthetic point of view. It looks and feels like so many that came before it.

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